Trademark Renewal

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Trademark Renewal

The demand for a trademark has been expanding over time. But you also have to renew your brand every 10 years. We will witness a more significant growth of the total trademarks in the next few years. In most cases, it is preferred for you to file the trademark renewal six months before it expires.

If you want to continue enjoying the trademark’s security, you must prepare and file the application form for renewing it before it crosses the deadline. The restoration of protection extends the trademark terms for one more decade. If one fails to renew in time, although there will still be scope for continuation, their trademark will be prone to removal.

The Process of Trademark Renewal

You can file a request for trademark renewal within six months before the expiry date of renewal or registration. The Registrar sends a reminder notice to the owner of the registered trademark. The statement is written before the termination of the last date of your trademark’s registration. It includes the conditions regarding the payment of the fees and the information on expiration. The Registrar has the authority to remove a brand from the register if one does not comply with the registration conditions prescribed in the notice.
It is common for people to miss the deadline for requesting a renewal. In such a scenario, one can file for restoration. But this request must be filed within six months after the renewal or registration has expired.

One can renew their trademark in either of the two following ways:

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The forms and procedure of restoration

Checking the status

Your job is not done right after you file for a renewal. You have to occasionally keep an eye on the application of renewal’s status till the Registrar processes it. At times, the trademark restoration needs multiple lengthy actions or applicant responses. It is vital to continually check the situation and take the necessary measures until the registration or renewal is successful.
The Trademark Registry has an official periodical called the Trademark Journal. It is up to the Trademark Examiner to determine if an application can be accepted. The Trademark Journal advertises the admissible trademarks. Other applicants can defy the registration. However, in the case of renewal, this method is not mandatory. The renewal is crucial based on the relevancy of the brand. Trivial bands are prone to misuse.

The Trademark Journal

How Can One Renew Their Trademark?

First, note that you have to start the procedure of trademark restoration at least three months before the expiration date. You will get a termination notice from the Registrar by the last date, even though the entire renewal process will take you a couple of months.

You will need a Form-18 for this process. Along with the application, carry the mentioned fee required to restore a trademark. Before your request is confirmed, the application undergoes a quality check. Upon completing the review, the owner will get a renewal certificate, marking the continuation of his ownership.
The following documents are needed from the applicant to file the renewal application.
A registered trademark helps distinguish the services or goods from other similar ones by a visual symbol or a word. You will only enjoy the benefits if you renew your brand. License Bazaar can help you in your Trademark Renewal and take care of all the formalities that you may or may not be aware of. Give us a call now!

The Documents Required For Renewal